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Edward Burtynsky - Rock of Ages and Quarries

Artist’s statement:

"The concept of the landscape as architecture has become, for me, an act of imagination. I remember looking at buildings made of stone, and thinking, there has to be an interesting landscape somewhere out there because these stones had to have been taken out of the quarry one block at a time. I had never seen a dimensional quarry, but I envisioned an inverted cubed architecture on the side of a hill. I went in search of it, and when I had it on my ground glass, I knew that I had arrived. I had found an organic architecture created by our pursuit of raw materials. Open-pit mines, funneling down, were to me like inverted pyramids. Photographing quarries was a deliberate act of going out to try to find something in the world that would match the kinds of forms in my imagination.

I was excited by the striking patinas on the walls of the abandoned quarries. The surface of the rock-face would simultaneously reveal the process of its own creation, as well as display the techniques of the quarrymen. I likened the tenacious trees and pools of water to nature’s sentinels awaiting the eventual retreat of man and machine - to begin the slow process of reclamation.

Often my approach, the compression of space through light and optics, also yields an ambiguity of scale. I think that people are always trying to put a human scale on things. We need to put our human perspective into these images, and our presence is dwarfed by the spaces we’ve created. It’s an interesting metaphor for how technology seems larger than life, larger than our own lives.”


Lucio Fontana - Spatial Concepts: Expectations


Linda Alterwitz - While I am Still (2009-)

"Alterwitz’s photographic series While I am Still challenges the viewer to explore a disquieting escape of the mind amidst the physical body’s subjugation of testing inside a medical imaging machine.

In these photographs, Alterwitz weaves together images of the human body derived from medical PET scans with landscapes and with images of fabrics, revealing ethereal figures in a raw and vulnerable state. The mind, wrestling with sadness, fear, and hope, retreats to a safe refuge. Alterwitz brings insight and awareness to the struggle and the resulting withdrawal of the inner mind. What remains is the unearthed soul desperately searching for a place of sanctuary.”

Artist’s statement: 

"As this project is ongoing, I am seeking donations of medical images to repurpose in my artwork. Although medical testing often originates from accident or illness, I feel that the work from the series can aid the process of healing, whether by understanding what lies beneath the surface of our bodies, or having the strength to confront one’s fears."




Satellite Landscapes Jenny Odell

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Nathan Bobey

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16/12/13 - n(n)/julius/ma+/julius/visvim/ro/julius/visvim/uc/guidi/bbs/ch/cdin motion.