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 Black Orchid

Catharine Ahearn - Untitled (2013) - Soap


Eberhard Havekost - Retina (2010)


New project: BEYOND TIME - Nydia Lilian

Aerial photographs and gifs, 2014


Sculptures by Reinoud Oudshoorn

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Tauba Auerbach at ICA

Steven Quinn (UK) - The Leap, 2013

I.W. Bailey. Photomicrograph. Cross Section of a Twig. Harvard University.

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Marina Abramovic - Crystal Cinema (1991-2)


Chris McCaw - More from the series Sunburn

Artist’s statement:

"In 2003 an all night exposure of the stars made during a camping trip was lost due to the effects of whiskey. Unable to wake up to close the shutter before sunrise, all the information of the night’s exposure was destroyed. The intense light of the rising sun was so focused and powerful that it physically changed the film, creating a new way for me to think about photography.

In this process the sun burns its path onto the light sensitive negative. After hours of exposure, the sky, as a result of the extremely intense light exposure, reacts in an effect called solarization - a natural reversal of tonality through overexposure. The resulting negative literally has a burnt hole in it with the landscape in complete reversal. The subject of the photograph (the sun) has transcended the idea that a photograph is a simple representation of reality, and has physically come through the lens and put its hand onto the final piece. This is a process of creation and destruction, all happening within the camera.”